About the product
- 100% Natural Ingredients
- Topical Pain Relief Formula without Drugs
- No Mineral Oils, No Parabens, No Alcohols, No Ureas, No Sulfates
- contains Menthol USP 4% for cooling effect
- Alcohol Free, Non Greasy and quick Absorbtion
- Fast acting for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of sore muscles
- works for mild Arthritis, Joins, Backaches, Bruises, Sprains and Carpal Tunel
- Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Chronic Pain
- very refreshing citrus aroma - no Menthol smell
- 100% Money Back Guarantee ( thru Amazon )
- Made in USA
Warning: The above Statements have not been evaluated, approved or authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Any information about this product and health programs are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease and provide no substitute for the advice of a licensed medical doctor. So, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have any existing medical conditions you should check with your medical doctor before using this product.
100% All Natural
Pain Relief Crème
Pain Relieve Formula EmuVerol    .......$ 29.95
100% Natural - 4.5 oz ( 127.57 g )
Are you ready to get moving again ?
Alleviate your pain with this all natural formula and put your trust in the
healing properties of the Australian Emu Oil.
EmuVerol, is a blend of 100% Natural ingredients, and the power of Emu Oil.
Emu Oil is known all over the world as the “Australian Natural Wonder”.
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional
          -  Proverb
The greatest evil is physical pain.
        -  Saint Augustine (354 -430) Theologian
" Your Health is your greatest Wealth "

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Pain Relieve Formula EmuVerol   .......$ 14.95
100% Natural - 1.5 oz ( 42.52 g )