Essiac Herbal Tea
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Essiac Ingredients: All 100% Certified Organic through OTCO
Burdock Root - Arctum lappa
Sheep Sorrel - Rumex acetosella
Slippery Elm bark - Ulmus fulva
Turkey Rhubarb Root - Rheum palmatum
$ 11.95
Net weight 4 oz. / 113.39 gr
Millions have used this formula and have touted "miraculous" healing from a number of life-threatening diseases.
Wellness and Optimum Health is truly an option with many choices.
Choose Essiac Herbal Tea  today !
Healing is the result of the innate wisdom of the body's immune system - given to us by our Creator.
" Discover what a blend of 4 amazing herbs can do for your Health..."
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" Your Health is your greatest Wealth "

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