Bamboo Charcoal has been used throughout Asia and is known to have many health benefits.
" Supporting Optimum Balance
      - in Body and Spirit -
                    with Nature"
Bamboo Charcoal Health Products
" Your Health is your greatest Wealth "
Optimum D-Tox - is a whole body systemic (non invasive) cleanser - continually assisting the body to perform as nature intended - and safe to use daily.
--- It contains phytosaponins,  a  natural  detergent  or  soap derived  from  desert plants - yucca schidigera.
-- It helps break up congestion in the intestinal tract and dissolves body wastes and toxins.
-- It helps emulsify tissue wastes and brings them into circulation for the liver to dispose.
-- It helps de-fat the liver and rejuvenates the colon.
-- It is hostile to the parasite and pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and viruses that flourish in the gut.......
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